Posted by: Anne Jefferson | June 27, 2010

Women geo-types on Twitter

This page is an archived version of the women geo-types list that I maintain on Twitter. Women geo-types lists the Twitter accounts of women who tweet about the geosciences or identify as geoscientists in their Twitter bios. The list was originally compiled using the AGU-maintained list of geo-space-ocean scientists on Twitter, which I supplemented with other women tweeting about the geosciences or identifying themselves as geoscientists. The list below was current as of 26 June 2010, but the list on Twitter itself is continually updated as I discover accounts for inclusion.

  • mineralphys. Mineral briefs from a UCLA professor

  • GeologyStudent. I’m a grad student studying geosciences

  • MTHellfire. geophysicist. ranchgirl. antiwar. slave to dogs. music wonk. realist. tweets are mine.

  • perrykid. M.S. student in contaminant hydrogeology, native New Mexican, easily distracted by bright shiny things.

  • stardiver. the geo-scientist as hero

  • highlyanne. Hydrologist, geomorphologist, hydrophillic geologist, whathaveyou.

  • sarahkendrew. postdoc astronomer

  • lunarkatz. Earth-scientist-turned-educator: Sharing Earth and space science with the universe … one child (or inquisitive adult) at a time …

  • mactavish. Love: Astronomy, all aspects of physical geography, and finding ways to be happy.

  • BraveBluewords. Oceanographer, writer, educator, advocate. Focus: oceans, climate change. Writing science and sci-fi. Love books, veggie gardening, yoga, & eating gluten-free!

  • martian1113. I am a Space Station Training Lead at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

  • kaylai. PhD student at Cambridge University. Experimental petrologist/volcanologist studying Mt. Erebus, Antarctica. Science writer for @TrekMovie

  • robinbell. Geek, Scholar, Advocate, Mom, Sailor

  • absolutspacegrl. Space Shuttle Mission Control worker bee until Shuttle goes away. Mechanical Engineer. Geek. Star Wars fangirl. Skeptic. My views are my own.

  • khoney. Marine biologist & interdisciplinary environmentalist. Originally from Maine, now NorCal. Stanford PhD Candidate. Work hard-play hard: sail,surf,ski,trek,travel

  • DrLucyRogers. Author of It’s ONLY Rocket Science – An Introduction in Plain English. Also Engineer, Astronomer and Freelance Science Writer.

  • naoshin. Doing my PhD in plasma physics and intl scientific and humanitarian outreach projects on the side.

  • thevolcanolady. Volcano Hunter,National Geographic Photographer/Explorer, Devoted Wife, If I was a drink I’d be a peppermint hot chocolate.

  • Ele_Willoughby. Marine geophysics Research Associate at the University of Toronto

  • geosteph. science educator, geologist, NASA geek, softball player, aunt, mom to Logan (dog) and Kinsey (cat)

  • sandrift. Planetary geologist, photo hobbyist (Flickr: sandrift)

  • Charlotte_Hird. Graphic Designer Geologist Astronomer Chook fancier Cook Bottlewasher

  • geokaren. amateur foodie, longtime geospatial geek – ok, not so geeky anymore but still a fan!

  • Gabrielse11. UCLA Space Physics grad student always up for adventure!

  • simX. Geologist, Wannabe Bigwig Mac App Programmer, ClickToFlash Developer (one of many)

  • missyleone. This is ponderous, man, really ponderous.

  • bethannbell. I’m a geochemistry PhD student studying the early era of Earth’s history.

  • Monkeyskunk. Figuring out where to go in life….perhaps an active volcano?

  • betsymason. Science editor for, geologist, beer snob, calm assertive pack leader.

  • weimang.

  • pehGU.

  • lizzieday. Geophysics PhD student

  • marssciencegrad. I’m a recent PhD in transition between grad school and the real world! I study Mars using visible and near-IR spectroscopy and will soon be working on MSL.

  • kennicosmith. Currently, a NASA scientist…

  • IntrplnetSarah. Lunar geologist

  • CatherineQ. Astrophysicist, over-thinker, autoimmune illness girl, lover of beautiful things in all forms. Kiwi in US. NASA supporter. Dogs rule.

  • h0mes1ice.

  • littlejillyyy. Happy.

  • MeaganMcGrath.

  • iescience. Freelance science writer and editor, non-practicing oceanographer, one-time Alvin diver, hiker, kayaker, crossword puzzler, candy eater

  • hfe.

  • Felsic. Geology student, mountain biker, nature lover, music enthusiast and micro blogger.

  • Geol_G_Arguello. Geóloga de profesión, loca por vocación

  • veronicaholton. I study geology at the College of Charleston.

  • Cannibal_Panda. Geology

  • amandacolosimo. Assistant Professor of Geosciences, Monroe Community College

  • BenderRobot. Oceanography graduate student. Aspiring scientific communicator. Fun times enthusiast. Lover of most things NJ.

  • leanne_erica. I enjoy reading and writing about rocks. Well.. I do most of the time.

  • AnjiSeth. Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.

  • NerdyChristie. A marine scientist with an urge to write that turned into all kinds of things…

  • bgrassbluecrab.

  • lyndellmbade. Ecologist, Educator, Grad Student. Researching cownose ray migration, movement, & life history. Model. SCUBA diver. Traveler.

  • blueacoustic. Geology Ph.D. student. If you want to talk tv, I’m your girl (e.g., Buffy, Supernatural, True Blood, Office, Glee, 30 Rock, Greek, Dexter.. oh so many more)

  • MaureenMcCann8. Meteorologist at News 8 Austin; Weather Consultant; Grad Student at UT; Bar Crawl for Scoliosis Founder; Dedicated member of Red Sox Nation; Huey Lewis’ #1 Fan

  • geogjen.

  • sdbikegirl. I love Earth Sciences, Sun, Sand and Snow. Geospatial stuff, minerals and rocks. I am passionate about cycling.

  • SabeanPagan. All-round science nerd. Love to chat about anything and everything. Blog enquiries please contact me on

  • rockstarscience. Female graduate student in astrophysics, apprentice rocket scientist, rebel without a solution set.

  • lizzy_t. I love rocks and rock climbing, especially trad climbing. 1st yr geology grad student at stanford!

  • tigermouse88. Geologist, Germanist, Globetrotter, Musician, Translator.

  • tanyaofmars.

  • Epsigon. Geophysicist/Geodynamicist, Welsh-Londoner, sleepy, loves Vinyl Toys, graphic novels and diet coke

  • sharonkae. Hi! I write specfic, I sniff out earthquakes in the Rhineland. I garden. That’s it.

  • DelphineAby. Oceanographer and modeler in environment. Manager in Natural Risks

  • Julierific. Wife, Mom, Scientist, PhD Candidate, Avid Reader, NPR Junky, Runner, Gardener, GF Cook, Meteorologist, Environmentalist, Baseball Addict

  • kejames. Natural History Museum scientist—Beagle Project directrix (@beagleproject)—Darwin groupie—space geek—telemark skier—teapot agnostic. Tweets are mine all mine.

  • mtkr. Photographer, geophysicist, and NYC girl

  • christierowe.

  • ugrandite. hard rock geology prof currently at University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

  • Chanitacr. Geology student

  • altmenn. Mix of Physics & Music, space based instruments, Earth’s atmosphere observations

  • delenn77. New mom, field geologist, failing optimist

  • snowflyzone. designer, strategist, awkwardness enthusiast, geologist, sneaker aficionado, map maker

  • GeoEntelechy. Geospatial research and development • GIS • I’m passionate about analysis, visualization, and interdisciplinary synergies. Opinions are my own. 

  • maitri. Spoken here: geoscience, tech geekery, new orleans, packer football, wisconsin, project gutenberg, 3.14 and pie

  • inadraw. Urban community environmental planner

  • hanhanbanans. I love animals, geology, GIS, mapping, my Mini Cooper, and geocaching.

  • HeidiHutner. Writer, Professor, Environmentalist

  • GemKeeper. Environmental geologist and mother of two young children.

  • KHayhoe. climate scientist living in a heathen land where no one puts any milk in their tea

  • mcmoots. Geo-interdisciplinary freak, environmental consultant, scavenger, pie fiend.

  • stressrelated. Structural geology professor, mountain enthusiast

  • DNAPL. Scientist, Associate Professor, working on tracking contaminants in the environment, forensic geoscience and general earth science

  • geogirldi. Mother, Geologist, and Music Fanatic. I am a rock, I work with and study rock, I listen to rock. But you can just say I rock.

  • cynthiabarnett. Senior writer, Florida Trend magazine. Water-beat geek. Author, Mirage: Florida and the Vanishing Water of the Eastern U.S.

  • aggieastronaut. PhD student in atmospheric science at Texas A&M, Aggie sports fan, Martian by trade, dating @JeffAMcGee, Pastafarian priestess

  • squawky. Planetary scientist at a small univ., teaching geology & astronomy, trying to do research, and keeping sane.

  • morphosaurus. Lecturer, palaeontologist, gardener, wife of the best man in the world, owned by a furious leopard gecko, and mother of none – EVER.

  • coconinoite. Woman geoscientist in the wetland arena living and working in the southwest, with 5-year-old child and SO.

  • Tuff_Cookie. I’m currently a grad student in a volcanology research group at SUNY Buffalo, studying lava dome collapses and pyroclastic flow formation.

  • Colo_kea. Comm. Editor, Geol. Soc. of America. Engaged to Bear. Goals: skydive, photog, blog ( kea icon ©

  • sfoxx. Geologist, meanderer, explorationist

  • geologyclare. Metamorphic geologist, geochronologist, postdoctoral researcher

  • spacegiraffe. UC Davis geology 4th year, rafting guide, interested in hydrogeology, fluvial geomorphology, remote sensing, arm waving at outcrops.

  • oystersgarter. Marine biologist and science blogger

  • NotanEster. Deaf nerd of many trades, but mainly Anthropology and Geology. Also moonlight as certified instructor of Cued Speech.

  • meagenpollock. Geologist, geochemist, basalt-lover, professor

  • Astro_chick.

  • mjvinas. Once veterinarian, now science writer. Expat. Work & tweet @theAGU but thoughts in here are my own. Interested in (surprise!) science and science communication.

  • geographile. I mostly retweet geography-related news and chat about geography.

  • mareserinitatis. Working on PhD in geophysics, also an electrical engineer, sci-fi nut, now with kids and cats!

  • WomenPlanetSci. Women make up half the bodies in the solar system — why not half the scientists?

  • DoodleMommy. Mother. Wife. Geologist. Doodler.

  • geobacka. Geology and astronomy nerd. B)

  • mihaela4021. I am passionate about three things: my family, science and the humanity. I twitter, therefore I am.

  • KatherineBaylor.

  • deepseadawn. Oregon State University GIS prof, cyclist, ocean mapper, geek, Lego maniac

  • mousereusch. Seismologist with interests in earth structure, climate and glaciology. Cyclist & huge tree-hugger.

  • loverivers. Focus on restoring the health of the Penobscot River … also writer, poet, photographer, and all-around nature lover.

  • BoreholeGroup. The Borehole Research Group conducts scientific research by lowering tools into oceanic boreholes.

  • JacquelynGill. PhD candidate studying paleoecology, climate change, and biogeography at UW Madison. Feminist, geek, bibliophile, foodie.

  • rivrchik. Biogeog and fluvial geomorph researcher, science blogger and retweeter of all things eco, bio, geo or fluvio

  • volcanojw. rocks, film, and fine tequila.

  • River_Restore. A NEW online hub for the river restoration community

  • Mary_H. I’m a geographer at Miami University.

  • RockDocWSU. I write the RockDoc syndicated newspaper column and am Director of Major Grant Development for the Agricultural Research Center at Washington State University.

Thanks to Chris Rowan for exporting and formatting this archival list.



  1. Thanks for this list!

  2. I’ve been looking at “smart women” on twitter, trying to increase the list of those I follow. Thanks for this! I’ve found some very interesting people.

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