Posted by: Anne Jefferson | March 14, 2012

What do you use Twitter for?

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    Off to tell 1st year faculty about benefits/perils of social media. Anyone want to share why you use Twitter? @highlyanne with your reply.
  2. And here’s the answers I got.
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    @highlyanne networking & following progress/ideas/field trips with global geotweeps 🙂
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    @highlyanne for work, I’ve used twitter to get mineral spectra, access to journal articles, and rapid programming help.
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    @highlyanne Quick feedback/answers to simple Q’s; breaking news & info, geo/science links; fun, intelligent humor.
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    @highlyanne Single quickest way to broaden your network beyond ‘usual suspects’ — I’d never have met all these amazing tweeps otherwise
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    @highlyanne …it’s like the network of people you *don’t* know.
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    @highlyanne – Here’s an overview of some pros/cons re: researchers & social media: Hope it’s useful!
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    @highlyanne I use Twitter because it puts my finger on the pulse of the research community.
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    @highlyanne Also, I think someone at #scio12 said, “It’s not ‘Publish or perish’ now; it’s “Be visible or vanish.'”
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    @highlyanne when I’m feeling down or uninspired, the endless excitement for science on twitter reminds me why I love it
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    @highlyanne one of my profs had the Starbucks logo on his PPT. I pointed at it and said “that logo changed today.” I knew because of Twitter
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    @highlyanne textbooks are static. Twitter makes the topics I study dynamic.
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    @highlyanne during my undergrad degree, we saw the death of famous amnesiac H.M. and 40th anniversary of the Stanford Prison Experiment.
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    @DoctorZen @highlyanne See my time line early yesterday evening. Real time technical help from experts in my field.
  16. I think many of the folks at the session were still in the “being overwhelmed by it all” stage, but several participants asked very good questions. Maybe even some future bloggers and Tweeters in the group. Not a bad way to spend part of an afternoon.
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    Thanks for the twitter reasons everyone. I think there were some takers at the workshop. Plus, I finally got to meet @jamesdtabor.
  18. For my take on what I use Twitter for, and why and how I blog, you can read the post I wrote to prepare myself for the session.

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