Posted by: Anne Jefferson | May 26, 2010

Exciting times in the Watershed lab

The last few months have been busy, busy, busy for the members of this research group, and now, with the semester over, our hard work is starting to pay off.

Brock Freyer has accepted a job with Three Parameters Plus, an environmental consulting firm based out of Anchorage, Alaska. He’ll be back in Charlotte in the fall to defend his MS thesis.

Ralph McGee and Cameron Moore successfully defended their MS thesis proposals and are getting started on a busy summer of data collection at their field site in Gaston County.

I got a nice little write-up in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences newsletter about the wonderful opportunities enabled my ADVANCE Bonnie Cone grant.



  1. Know of any intermediate-level books on hydrogeology and associated case studies that are less than $50?

  2. Tough request. Most of the good hydrogeology books are going to sell for $100+ new. I personally use Schwartz and Zhang in my hydrogeology class, but Fetter is excellent as well, and Freeze and Cherry is a classic. Try looking for them used.

    Case studies are another tricky bit. Both Schwartz and Zhang and Fetter have nice case studies embedded in the text books. But I’m not thinking of any stand-alone hydrogeology case studies off the top of my head. You could always read A Civil Action…the book contains a lot more hydrogeology than the movie.

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