Posted by: Anne Jefferson | April 24, 2010

Delta upon Delta

For some reason the last few days have seen me browsing the semi-frozen areas of the Earth and in my search for the perfect thermokarst landscape, I’ve run across some really nice deltas. I don’t know anything about the one below other than its location in far northwestern Saskatchewan, but it looks to me like this river had built a beautiful fan delta only to see the lake shoreline dramatically change (perhaps as a result of isostatic rebound?) triggering the building of not one, but two, new fan deltas like Mickey Mouse ears on the margins of the old one.

The image below is from Google Earth. Here’s the Flash Earth permanent link:…

Posted via web from Pathological Geomorphology



  1. Those shoreline demarcations definitely remind me of the same along the Hudson Bay at the same latitude. Here’s some interesting notes on the sand dunes just south of that picture: (particularily pg 13-14)

  2. Cool. Thanks for the link. I was so delta focused in looking at the imagery that I didn’t really pay attention to (actually more notable) dunes. I’ll have to go back and explore that image some more.

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