Posted by: Anne Jefferson | December 27, 2009

For my undergraduates: Graduate funding in watershed issues and GK-12 outreach at Central Washington University

For undergraduates thinking about graduate school, here’s a program that incorporates the classes and research of an MS program with the opportunity to work in K-12 classrooms and building your teaching and outreach skills and credentials. I know some of the faculty at Central Washington, and they would be great people to have as advisors.

As posted on the Gilbert Club list-serv:

Central Washington University is recruiting MS students for our GK-12 project – Yakima WATERS (Watershed Research to Enhance Research in Schools). MS graduate students in biology, chemistry, geology, and resource management work with local K-12 teachers and students to bring components of their research or related science into the public classroom. Participating graduate students are support by a WATERS fellowship in Year 1 and a regular TA or RA in Year 2. Research Themes include:
Water Quality and Chemistry

Geomorphology-Climate Change

Land and Water Use

Aquatic Ecology and Biodiversity

If you know of any prospective graduate students interested in watershed research and educational outreach, please pass the word along to them.

The webpage is


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