Posted by: Anne Jefferson | December 16, 2008

AGU meeting highlights

I’m at AGU this week, enjoying the multitude of interesting talks, posters, exhibits, and chances to visit with earth scientists from all over the world. I thought I’d share some of the presentations I am most looking forward to hearing this week.

My poster is this morning in the session on Spatial and Temporal Trends in Hydrometeorological Records as Indicators of Climate Variability and Change, but I am also looking forward to learning about the following topics this afternoon:

  • Controls on the Hydrologic Response to Climate and Land Cover Change of Headwater Streams by *C A Kelleher, T Wagener, M Gooseff, B McGlynn, L Marshall, T Meixner, K McGuire, P Sharma (H21F-0885)
  • Catchments as simple dynamical systems, at different scales and in different climatic regimes by *J W Kirchner, A J Teuling, S I Seneviratne, K Lechti, M Zappa (H23I-01)
  • Conceptualizing landscape controls on catchment transit times in different geomorphic provinces by *D Tetzlaff, J Seibert, K J McGuire, H Laudon, D A Burns, S M Dunn, C Soulsby (H23I-03)
  • Climate change effects on groundwater dependent temperate forest ecosystems by *M F Bierkens, R J Brolsma, R L van Beek, M T Van Vliet (H23G-04)
  • Does Shape Matter? Landform Controls on Recession Characteristics of the Hydrologic Response by *P W Bogaart, P A |Troch (H23I-06)
  • A look at the links between drainage density and river flow regime *A Montanari, B Pallard Sr.A Castellarin (H24C-07)

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